Thread Fix - Mobile Service


Services provided

All customers receive the same professional standards of workmanship, backed by our guarantee - no fix, no fee.

After an initial description from a customer of the damaged component, we will provide an estimate for recovering the thread.

We will either remove the male threaded component complete (using specialist techniques), drill out the male threaded component and recover the original thread or, where this is not possible, we will restore (using a wire thread insert) the original size thread. We recover all standard thread forms BSW through to Metric.

These services are carried out in-situ usually saving hundreds of pounds and many hours of down time.

Pictures are examples of threaded components we can successfully recover.


Key Facts

No Thread Fix, no fee

We only charge for the hours we work

(plus travelling time if greater than 30 mins)

Thread recovery carried out without major dismantling - saving £ and time

Typical Customers :

Retail and commercial garages, classic car owners, agricultural contractors, yacht and boat owners, marine service agents.