Thread Fix - Frequent Questions


Q Will you charge me if you can’t recover my damaged thread ?

A Simply no

Q I have a bolt sheared off in an engine can you help ?

A Yes, we can usually repair a thread like this without using a wire

   thread insert for example Heli-Coil® or Recoil® by using specialist


Q I have tried to drill out my bolt and need a thread specialist ?

A Most times we can fix a thread, even if someone has already tried,

   we always advise people to leave the broken part alone and call us.

   It is in these situations that we are sometimes referred to as a thread

   doctor !

Q I have tried to drill out my bolt and made an oval hole ?

A This is when we will probably have to use a wire thread insert for

    example V Coil®, Heli-Coil® or Recoil®. We will drill the hole

    oversize and recover the thread back to the original size with an insert.

Q How much will it cost ?

A We only charge for the hours we work at £45 per hour, where

    travelling time is charged (greater than 30mins) it is charged at a lower

    rate plus fuel.

Q Are there threads you can’t fix ?

A Yes some very specialist left hand threads and we do not remove

    broken easy outs or taps etc made from carbon steel.